“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” / George Bernard Shaw.

This photographic exhibition was created out of a love for food and art, and that which connects them.

the photographer Dan Lev initiator together with Ilit Engel this project as will to something for the soul.

The daily grind of a photographer, a chef and a stylist prompted the impulse to stop for a moment, and to provide space for infinite creativity, talent, and a flight of emotions. And thus, a show was born.

This exhibition came from an idea of color as inspiration, and it went through desires and emotions, fantasies and memories, disappointments and ideas, opinions and emotional storms. It passed through internal worlds and visual worlds, especially those personal.

The process of creating this project was spontaneous and dynamic and it reflected all the steps of food preparation in the kitchen: experimenting, mixing, tasting, more experimenting, deliberations, and finally - serving. There was always a final impromptu touch, a last moment revelation.

“By words one transmits thoughts to another; by means of art, one transmits feelings.” Leo Tolstoy
Working on this exhibition united people - each in his own area. A photographer, a chef and a stylist formed the three sides of a triangle in order to bring about each food photo. The stylist, whose contribution is hidden behind the camera, was precious and essential. The collaboration created a conversation, trial and error experiments which led to the final results shown in this exhibition.

Each of the contributors is an artist in his soul, with a unique voice - Dalit Russo, Talia Gon Aseef, Rotem Nir, Uriah Geva, Keren Barak, Eli Hofner and Gil Atlan. The hand of each is magnificent and appears in every creation around them.
The role of color in this exhibition seems to be essential, but it is an illusion of the viewer. The color is the doorway into the enchanted world of the creative chef. The color is the match which lights the candle of inspiration and ignites the fire of creation.

All the "dishes" photographs were taken by Dan Lev, the inspiration photographs were taken by other photographers,

and some of them by the chefs themselves.


Colorfood Wine is the new colorfood project in the courtesy of "Galil mountain winery"

all the images were inspired by the wine world, 12 chefs and 1 winemaker created faboulos images that describe

there own world and the connection to there culinary world.


About Expo 2015

Colorfood is perfectly in tune with the theme of Expo2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Expo Milano 2015 ushers in a new model of the Universal Exhibition: it is not only a showcase of the best technology for a sustainable future, but a global and interactive event with thousands of culture offering and entertainment both inside and outside the exhibition site. Shows, concerts, conference, cooking demonstrations, workshops and exhibition will transform Expo Milano 2015 into a grand extravaganza. 


An idea by Studio Dan Lev (Israel)

with the Creativity Lab ICPO (Italy / Israel)


With the patronage of

Media Partrners